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OpenFOAM Advanced Training




Do you want to learn more about a specific subject or just improve your OpenFOAM® or general CFD skills? Join us in one of our recurrent online or classroom advanced training sessions.

Design of experiments, space exploration, and numerical optimization using Dakota and code coupling Dakota-OpenFOAM®

Basic solid modeling for CFD using Onshape and mesh generation using OpenFOAM tools

Multi-phase flows modeling in general CFD and OpenFOAM® - Theory and applications

Turbulence modeling in general CFD and OpenFOAM® - Theory and applications

Moving meshes, rigid body motion, adaptive mesh refinement, and overset meshes.

Introduction to the FVM method, discretization techniques, and solution strategies. Standard practices in general CFD with applications to OpenFOAM®


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Courses available upon request or under development.

Advanced meshing using OpenFOAM® technology - snappyHexMesh

OpenFOAM® for naval applications

Heat transfer and conjugate heat transfer with OpenFOAM®

Modeling incompressible and compressible flows with OpenFOAM®

Introduction to OpenFOAM® programming - Getting started and building blocks

Advanced post-processing using Paraview.

And many more available on request


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General prerequisites: intermediate knowledge of CFD, OpenFOAM®, and Linux is required. Some basic knowledge of C++ and shell scripting is beneficial.

Modality: online, classroom and onsite.

Location (classroom): DICCA, University of Genova, (via Montallegro 1, 16145 Genova, Italy).

Training material: every participant will get a high quality color printed set of lecture notes and an USB key with the supporting material (classroom and onsite modality). For online modality, all participants will get the training material in digital format. Online participants will also have access to the recorded sessions.

Teaching method:  lectures and hands-on sessions to validate the acquired knowledge. A training certificate is provided to all attendees who complete the course.

Cancellation policy:  there is no cancellation fee if the cancellation notice is sent at least one month before the course starts. If the cancellation is made less than one month before the course begins, a 50% of the registration fee will be charged as cancellation fee.

Additional information:

These courses are offered in cooperation with the University of Genova.

The fee includes a set of high quality color printed lecture notes, an USB key with the supporting material, and lunch and refreshments (classroom modality).

Cancellations two weeks before the course will not be accepted due to logistic reasons. It is the choice of the costumer to send a substitute.

Attendees are not required to bring their own laptop since workstations with pre-installed software will be available (classroom modality).


If you are looking for basic OpenFOAM® training, take a look at our OpenFOAM® Introductory Training.



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