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Data Analytics & Interactive Data Visualization

In today's world, an incredible amount of data is generated, collected, analyzed and used in making informed decisions, uncovering patterns, finding anomalies or predicting future outcomes. We should be ready to analyze and communicate data generated from any field in a way that yields insight and understanding.

At Wolf Dynamics, we can help you to enhance your ability to understand, visualize, and communicate data through the use of interactive systems for data analytics (DA), machine learning (ML), and exploratory data analysis (EDA). The data to be analyzed can be obtained from any discipline, such as, social sciences, econometrics, marketing, healthcare, physics, computer science, optimization studies, and the social web.

We can work together to help you gather, clean, manipulate, analyze, visualize, and communicate the data. We can also generate the scripts to automatize the whole process.

For DA, ML, and EDA, we use the following open-source applications: Python Anaconda, R, RStudio, Shiny, javascript, D3.js, Plotly, and html5.  But, if you prefer the user-friendliness, reliability and robustness of commercial applications, we can use Tableau to deal with your DA and EDA needs.

We are committed to using open-source applications. With this in mind and knowing that open-source technology is the most cost-effective solution for personal users, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and SMEs; we also offer training services to help you tackle the steep learning curve inherent to these tools.

To take a look at our portfolio of interactive dashboards and jupyter notebooks for DA, ML, and EDA, visit the following link.


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