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EnnovaCFD - The better CFD meshing solution


The better CFD meshing solution


Ennova-CFD is a general-purpose automatic meshing tool and easy-to-use OpenFOAM GUI. The CAD and meshing kernels run using Ennova meshing software (https://ennova-cfd.com/), and the GUI seamlessly integrates with OpenFOAM under Windows (using WSL) or Linux.

EnnovaCFD uses surface-to-volume (topology mesh-based) and volume-to-surface (surface wrapper) meshing approaches. The octree-based surface wrapper can deal with dirty geometries. The surfaces generated by the wrapper can be used to create volume meshes (tetrahedral or polyhedral meshes). The Tetra-Polyhedral meshing tool is based on the Delaunay method. It can generate wall-resolving prismatic layers even in the most complicated geometries.

EnnovaCFD meshes can be exported to the most widely used CFD formats, including: Star-cd, Ansys Fluent, CGNS, IcemCFD, OpenFOAM, CFD++

With EnnovaCFD, you get

- The most advanced mesh generation available, brought to you by the same team that created ICEM CFD.
- World-class CAD import powered by Hoops Exchange from Techsoft 3D. Hoops exchange allows you to import CAD from all leading proprietary formats and exchange standards. You get world-class CAD cleanup capabilities.
- If you are an OpenFOAM user, you get an easy-to-use GUI for setting up OpenFOAM simulations. You also get post-processing capabilites powered by VTK, the same technology used in Paraview.
- Using Ennova with OpenFOAM, you have a fixed-priced way to perform CFD, limited only by the amount of computing power you can afford without exorbitant HPC licenses.


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