Wolf Dynamics - Multiphysics simulations, optimization, and data analytics



The DLTM is a research and training center located at La Spezia, Italy. The main activities of the DLTM are research and innovation in the fields of sea technology and sea environment. We work with the HPC lab, to offer solutions in the fields of  scientific computing, HPC, big data, data visualization, and software training.



Wolf Dynamics and OPTIMAD share the same corporate and scientific DNA. Both companies were born as academic spin-offs and specialize in CFD simulations and numerical optimization.




Tonkomo, LLC is a boutique chemical engineering firm that specializes in developing innovative solutions to technology challenges in the chemical, energy, and bioprocessing industries. They help their clients troubleshoot and solve a wide range of issues, from flow distribution and mixing to chemical reactor design. The proprietors each have more than 20 years of experience developing and commercializing technology, with more than 140 US patents from prior commercialized products. They solve tough chemical process development problems. 



 SSP Software Engineering is a consultancy company specialized in the fields of software engineering, IT services, and CFD Simulations. 



COLLINS LIMITED brings together senior engineers from the highest levels of motorsport and automotive sectors internationally to provide engineering and simulation solutions. COLLINS LIMITED provide partners and clients with services based on a deep understanding of problem domains and the influences upon them.



Scorpion Dynamics has experience in many areas of mechanical engineering and manufacturing at the highest levels. They have extensive experience in mechanical design and dynamic analysis of crankshafts, design of castings found in powertrain applications, gearbox tribology, and cylinder head design. The company is also experienced with 3D printer design and aerospace welding. 



Zenzero & Cannella Catering is a young and vibrant catering company from Genoa, Italy. Their origins are Sicilian and Scandinavian cuisine; lunch buffès, finger food, breakfast, coffee breaks, sweets, cakes, muffins, a large variety of bread, marmalades. They cater for small to large (100 people) groups. In particular, they are responsible for the food and beverages during various courses offered by Wolf Dynamics.