Wolf Dynamics - Multiphysics simulations, optimization, and data analytics


In this page, you will find a few tutorials related to CFD, CAD, mesh generation, optimization, data analysis, scientific visualization, interactive data visualization, and scientific computing.

Getting started with OpenFOAM® - Beginner tutorials

OpenFOAM® introductory training material

OpenFOAM® validation cases

OpenFOAM® wiki tutorials

OpenFOAM® multi-phase advanced training

OpenFOAM® turbulence modeling advanced training

OpenFOAM® dynamic meshes advanced training

Code coupling Dakota-OpenFOAM® training material

Dakota - Optimization of a soda can

A Crash Introduction to the Finite Volume Method and Discretization Schemes in OpenFOAM - Training material

Paraview tutorials

Solid modeling using onshape

Solid modeling and meshing using salome

Python tutorials

Exploratory data analysis and data visualization tutorials using python

Exploratory data analysis and data visualization tutorials using R

Interactive data visualization using d3.js





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