Wolf Dynamics - Multiphysics simulations, optimization, and data analytics

CFD & Optimization Consulting

At Wolf Dynamics, we offer consulting services in the fields of CFD, scientific computing, solid modeling, optimization, and visualization.

We are committed to using open-source applications. With this in mind and knowing that open-source technology is the most cost-effective solution for personal users, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and SMEs, we offer software support to help you achieve your goals. We are proficient using the following open-source tools: OpenFOAM®, SU2, FDS-SMV, paraview, PETSC, salome platform, onshape, Dakota, R-Studio, python anaconda.

We are also highly proficient in the use of many commercial CFD and CAD tools, including ANSYS ICEM-CFD, ANSYS Mesher, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS CFX, SolidWorks, and SpaceClaim. If you are in need of getting access to a commercial license; together with the DLTM (our technological partner), we can lease you one. And to help you take the most of these applications, we also offer software support and training.

If you are looking for on-demand HPC resources to run your computing intensive applications, we can use DLTM's cluster which has been optimized for scientific computing, 3D modeling, rendering, and cloud computing (click here to download the cluster specifications).

We also offer validation services to clients in need of a second opinion on their design workflow, or for those looking to do a transition from commercial software to open-source software. 

We can help you in implementing and automatizing your CFD simulation workflow, from geometry generation, to mesh generation, to case setup, to post-processing. And if the bottleneck of your workflow is repairing and cleaning the geometry, we can do it for you.

For more information, do not hesitate in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .