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Our core business is consulting and Research-Innovation services in computational fluid dynamics, multi-physics simulations, design space exploration, design optimization, data analytics, and interactive data visualization.

We are committed to using open-source applications. With this in mind and knowing that open-source technology is the most cost-effective solution for personal users, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and SMEs, we also offer training services and software support to help you tackle the steep learning curve inherent to these tools.

But if you prefer the user-friendliness, reliability, and robustness of commercial applications, we are also highly proficient in the use of many commercial tools.

Our mission is to deliver innovative, state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions.

Your success is our success.



Latest news

Ennova CFD - The better CFD meshing solution
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OpenFOAM Introductory Training (self-paced)
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Transitioning to OpenFOAM 11 from OpenFOAM 10/9
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Upcoming events

OpenFOAM advanced Training (Online)
2025 winter session

EnnovaCFD introductory training (Online).
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