Wolf Dynamics - Costomer-driven flow solutions

Upcoming events

OpenFOAM® course 2015 winter session from 16th to 20th February 2015

About us

We are a young and dynamic engineering company, born as a spin-off of the University of Genoa, Italy.  We offer consulting services in the areas of applied and theoretical fluid dynamics, computational fluids dynamics and multiphysics (from geometry generation, to mesh generation, to case setup and solution monitoring, to visualization and postprocessing), flow control and numerical optimization.

Our expertise

In the area of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) we have a strong background in the development of ad-hoc numerical codes, and also in the use of commercial and open source CFD/CAD applications.  We have worked with industrial and academic partners in problems related to aeronautical applications, environmental flows, bio-fluid mechanics and fluid-structure interactions.

In the area of numerical optimization, we have a broad expertise using adjoint equations for efficient and accurate evaluation of the shape and flow gradients in order to design objects immersed in external or internal flows. We also have experience in using adjoint equations for receptivity and sensitivity studies with applications ranging from aeronautical to basic bluff-body studies. For this area, we use in-house applications that can be easily adapted to customer needs.

We also offer our services for CFD/CAD training, using open source applications  or commercial applications.  We can also provide training in selected topics of applied and theoretical fluid dynamics, and in numerical optimization.