Wolf Dynamics - Multiphysics simulations, optimization, and data analytics

Expertise in data science

Data science is the extraction of knowledge and actionable insights from large volumes of structured and unstructured data. In data science, we use data analytics (DA) and machine learning (ML) to explore and uncover hidden patterns, correlations, anomalies, and other insights in the data.

Exploratory data analysis (EDA) is used to summarize the main characteristics of the dataset by using visual methods. Then, we use visual storytelling to communicate to general audiences the story behind the data through visual components.

At Wolf Dynamics, we have extensive experience in conducting DA, ML, and EDA studies of raw data.  We can also help you create powerful bespoke visualizations and interactive dashboards for visual storytelling.

By using proprietary or open-source technology, we can collect, analyze, and visualize your data (small or large datasets), to help you improve decision-making, uncover patterns, find anomalies, predict future outcomes, or help you get a competitive advantage over your competitors by using business intelligence.

We have worked with data obtained from a wide variety of fields, spanning from; social sciences, econometrics, marketing, healthcare, optimization studies, to the social web.

If you want to know how DA, ML, EDA and visual storytelling can help you in understanding your data and meta-data, take a look at the following presentations.

An open-source framework for multi-physics simulations, design space exploration and design optimization

Visual storytelling and data visualization in numerical simulations presentation and associated website.


Feel free to visit this link to explore our portfolio of DA and EDA interactive dashboards and jupyter notebooks.

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