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Advanced Dynamic Meshes Course





Dynamic meshes are models that allows the mesh to change during a simulation.  The changes of the mesh can be due to a prescribed motion, rigid body motion, fluid structure interaction, or refinement/unrefinement of the mesh.

During this course, we address the standard practices to follow when setting dynamic meshes cases in OpenFOAM, and we illustrate the different dynamic meshes approaches implemented in OpenFOAM (morphing meshes, sliding meshes, overset meshes, mesh remeshing and adaptive mesh refinement).

Finally, as dynamic meshes are fully compatible with most of the advanced physical models implemented in OpenFOAM (turbulence, multiphase flows, heat transfer, lagrangian particles), we also illustrate how to setup different physical models and standard best practices.

Topics to be covered:

What are dynamic meshes?

Dynamic meshes in  OpenFOAM

Adaptive mesh refinement in OpenFOAM

Sliding meshes in OpenFOAM

Morphing meshes in OpenFOAM

Overset meshes in OpenFOAM

Choosing the right numerics

Advanced post-processing (quantitative and qualitative)

Best practices

Validation cases


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