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OpenFOAM Introductory Course Training Material


These are the lectures notes used during the 2018 summer session of the OpenFOAM® Introductory Course.

Please note that the OpenFOAM® project is in continuous evolution,  therefore our training material is always changing.

This training material is based on OpenFOAM version 5.x

All slides in a single file
In this single pdf you will find all the training material

All slides in a single file (4 by 4)
In this single pdf you will find all the training material. This file is ideal for printing.

Paraview handouts
Additional paraview training material non-included in the previous slides.

Supplement 1
The Linux terminal: A Crash Introduction

Supplement 2
C++: A Crash Introduction

Supplement 3
Python: A Crash Introduction


Download here the tutorial files used during the training
Attention: about 2.3 GB

Download here the Linux tutorial files

Download here the C++ tutorial files

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