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OpenFOAM Introductory Training (classroom)

OpenFOAM® introductory training       

a.k.a., Introduction to General CFD Using OpenFOAM Technology with an Overview of Turbulence Modeling and Multiphase Flows


Next scheduled classroom session: Due to the COVID19 pandemic, all classroom sessions have been cancelled.

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Course syllabus
Day 1  OpenFOAM® executive summary, library organization, OpenFOAM® 101, my first tutorial, documentation overview
Day 2  FVM/CFD 101, setting the right numerics, running in parallel, CAD 101, mesh generation and mesh quality assessment
Day 3  More on mesh generation, post-processing, setting cases from scratch (from geometry and mesh generation, to case setup, to post-processing)
Day 4  Advanced physics, setting cases from scratch, introduction to programming in OpenFOAM® (building blocks and codestream)
Day 5  More on advanced physics, setting cases from scratch, personal cases setup, wrap-up session


Note. The course last 5 days, which we think is the minimum time needed to introduce all the concepts of OpenFOAM® as a general CFD and multiphysics solver, and the CAD/Meshing/Visualization tools.


Short description: this training is aimed at those with little or no experience in the use of OpenFOAM®, or those who want to improve their skills using OpenFOAM® as a general-purpose CFD and Multiphysics solver. During the lectures, the attendees will be introduced to all aspects of OpenFOAM® as a general-purpose CFD solver, from structure and organization of the library to setting cases from scratch, to assessing the convergence, to post-processing, to basic programming. Additionally, we will also address solid modeling and scientific visualization. During this training, we also cover the following advanced physical models: turbulence modeling, multiphase flows, heat transfer, moving bodies, and source terms. Hands-on sessions will be organized, where the participants will have the opportunity to solve predefined cases (or their own cases) with the assistance and guidance of the course trainers. To help the learning process, a short introduction to the finite volume method will also be provided. The course prepares the attendees to conduct end-to-end CFD studies, that is, CAD → Meshing → Simulations → Design exploration → Data analytics, using the numerical library OpenFOAM®.

Prerequisites: no prior knowledge of OpenFOAM®,  C++ or Linux is required. However, a basic knowledge of Linux is beneficial. A basic knowledge of CFD is also desirable.


DICCA. University of Genova
Via Montallegro 1, 16145. 
Genova, Italy.
More information on how to get to the course venue in this link

Course times: from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, plus 30 minutes of Q&A.

Language: English

Instructors: Joel Guerrero, Stefano Olivieri

Number of seats: 15 places available.

Training material:  every participant will get a copy of the printed lecture notes (high quality color), and an USB key with the supporting material.

Teaching method:  lectures and hands-on sessions to validate the acquired knowledge. A training certificate is provided to all attendees who complete the course.


Undergraduate and master students 350 Euros + VAT
PhD students, postdocs, academics 650 Euros + VAT
Industry and general public 950 Euros + VAT


Info. 30% discount is applied to registrations from industry received one month prior the beginning of the course.

Info. 25% discount is applied to registrations from PhD students, postdocs, and academics received one month prior the beginning of the course.

Info. 20% discount is applied to registrations from undergraduate and master students received one month prior the beginning of the course.

Info. Undergraduate and master students must provide proof that they are currently enrolled in an academic program.


Cancellation policy: there is no cancellation fee if the cancellation notice is sent at least one month before the course starts. If the cancellation is made less than one month before the course begins, a 50% of the registration fee will be charged as cancellation fee.


Additional information:

The fee includes the printed material (high quality color), an USB key with the supporting material, and lunch and refreshments.

Cancellations two weeks before the course will not be accepted due to logistic reasons. It is the choice of the costumer to send a substitute.

Attendees are not required to bring their own laptop since workstations with pre-installed software will be available.



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