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Sod's shock tube

In this case, we simulate the sod's shock tube. The equations to be solved are the Euler equations and the air is modeled as an ideal gas. This is an extremelly severe case used to test the accuracy and stability of CFD solvers. The exact solution to this problem can be computed using exact Riemann solvers [1, 2].


Physical side of the problem.



Boundary and initial conditions.




Comparison of the numerical solution against the exact solution. The solutions are compared at a physical time of 0.1 seconds and in a line along the horizontal axis.


 Top left image: temperature contours. Top right image: velocity contours (magnitude). Bottom left image: temperature gradient contours (magnitude). Bottom right image: pressure contours.


[1] Modern compressible flow: with historical perspective. Third edition. McGraw-Hill.

[2] Riemann Solvers and Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics: A Practical Introduction. Third edition. Springer.

Download here the case file - OpenFOAM 9.

Download here the case presentation slides.