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OpenFOAM Introductory Course Training Material


These are the lectures notes used during the 2017 summer session of the OpenFOAM® Introductory Course.

Please note that the OpenFOAM® project is in continuous evolution,  therefore our training material is always changing.

This training material is based on OpenFOAM version 4.x and paraview 5.0.1.

Module 0
Training agenda, housekeeping issues, disclaimer, acknowledgments

Module 1
OpenFOAM® executive summary, library organization, OpenFOAM® 101, setting my first case

Module 2
CFD workflow, CAD 101
, solid modeling using onshape

Module 3
Meshing preliminaries, mesh quality assessment, mesh conversion, mesh manipulation, meshing using OpenFOAM® technology

Module 4
Running in parallel, running on the cloud

Module 5
Scientific visualization using paraview/paraFoam, field data manipulation, field sampling, function objects, co-processing, plotting and scripting

Module 6
FVM/CFD 101, unsteady and steady simulations, assessing convergence, boundary conditions, initial conditions, pressure-velocity coupling, linear solvers

Module 7
Programming in OpenFOAM® (building blocks), implementing boundary conditions and field initialization using codeStream, implementing and modifying basic applications

Module 8
Advanced modeling capabilities: turbulence modeling, multiphase flows (not yet available: source terms, moving bodies and sliding grids, rigid body motion, adaptive mesh refinement, heat transfer, compressible flows

Module 9
Best standard practices, tips and tricks (be careful, this document is old)

Module 10
Conclusions and wrap-up session

Supplement 1
The Linux terminal: A Crash Introduction

Supplement 2
C++: A Crash Introduction

Supplement 3
Python: A Crash Introduction


Download here the tutorial files used during the training
Use these tutorials just for recreational, instructional or learning purposes.

Download here the Linux tutorial files

Download here the C++ tutorial files

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