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Cloud-based Do it yourself CFD

Cloud-Based CFD

Aerodynamics made easy with AirShaper

It does not matter if you are a novice or expert CFD engineer, AirShaper is the perfect tool to deploy your simulations on the cloud.

Wolf Dynamics have created a partnership with AirShaper to bring Cloud-Based CFD to your web browser. Run your simulations any-where, any-time, in any-device, effortlessly.

This is how it works:

1. Upload your geometry, one single body or multiple bodies. You can even import your geometry from Onshape.

2. Define the simulation with only a couple of inputs. No need to define meshing parameters.

3. Submit your job and forget. Your simulation will be deployed in a state of the art cloud server, and you will be notified via email when the results are ready.

4. Visualize the results online or download the data to post-process it locally. Furthermore, a report will be automatically generated with a summary of the most important information.




We used AirShaper to conduct a second hand validation study of the case of two Ahmed bodies in platoon. AirShaper managed to get satisfactory results using a very easy wokflow: Upload geometries → Define inlet velocity and submit simulations → Get notified and download data and report.



AirShaper - Aerodynamics made easy

Create a new project
Upload the geometry
Setup your simulation and submit
Visualize the results - Pressure clouds
Visualize the results - Surface pressure
Visualize the results - Vertical streamlines
Visualize the results - Horizontal streamlines
Visualize the results - Noise clouds
Quantify the forces and moments - Body 1
Quantify the forces and moments - Body 2
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