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Three element high-lift airfoil - MDA 30P-30N

In this case, we compute the flow around the multi-element airfoil 30P-30N. The Reynolds number is 5 000 000, the airfoil's angle of attack is 0 degrees, we use the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model, and we consider air as an incompressible flow.  We also compare the numerical results obtained with OpenFOAM, against the experimental results found in the literature.



AOA\( c_l \) experimental\( c_l \) OpenFOAMPercent Error (%)
\( 0^{\circ} \) 2.167089 2.237588 3.253205


AOA\( c_d \) experimental\( c_d \) OpenFOAMPercent Error (%)
\( 0^{\circ} \) 0.033243 0.034598 4.076435


warning  The experimental values were extracted from plots illustrated in the references below.
We can not guarantee the accuracy or precision of this information.



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Comparative results from a CFD challenge over a 2D three-element high-lift airfoil. NASA Technical Memorandum 112858.

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Download here the case file.