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Introductory Fluent Course

Introductory Fluent training


Short description: ANSYS Fluent contains many physical modeling capabilities needed to model incompressible and compressible flows, turbulence, multiphase flows, heat transfer, and reactions for industrial applications.  This course offers an introduction to ANSYS Fluent software and the basic theory behind it. You will learn how to setup, solve and post-process your results using ANSYS Fluent. In this course, you will also learn how to create a geometry for a CFD study, and mesh it appropriately for the analysis.


Topics to be covered:

Introduction to CFD (governing equations, discretization methods, solvers)

Introduction to Fluent interface

Solid modeling using Ansys Modeler and/or spaceclaim.

Mesh generation using Ansys meshing, and mesh quality assessment

Case setup -  Boundary conditions and initial conditions

Choosing the right numerics

Setting cases from scratch

Post-processing using Fluent and CFD-Post (quantitative and qualitative)

Advanced physics - Turbulence modeling and multiphase flows

Running in parallel and remote access to HPC resources

Best practices

Tutorial cases and Q&A


This course is offered in cooperation with the DLTM. The fee includes the printed material and access to the DLTM cluster the last day. Attendees are required to bring their own computers and a valid Ansys Fluent license. If it is needed, we can provide a temporary license for the duration of the training. Internet connection is required to access the remote HPC facilities.


Location: The course can delivered at the location of the interested person/organization.

Instructors: Joel Guerrero

Language: English or Italian

Timetable: The course duration is 3 days (3 session of 8 hours). 

Cost: 800 Euros + VAT

Number of participants:  Minimum 5 - Maximum 10

Next available dates:  November 20-24, 2017


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